The below pricing is applicable only after completion of your free trial period. Signing up for a free trial, you're not required to select pricing. Free trail is absolutely free and no credit card is required whatsoever.

  1. The agreement will be between “You” and “Mirrorsize US Inc.”, a company registered with the State of NJ, USA.
  2. Taxes as applicable will be added on the below price list. If your company is not registered in United States of America (“USA”), we do not anticipate any taxes unless there are special tax rules between “your” Country and USA.
  3. Your invoice /(s) will be issued by Mirrorsize US Inc.
  4. Should you have any question, please write to us at

Key points :
  1. Number of clicks: Once your customer clicks the widget and his/her image is captured, it will be counted as ONE (1) click.
  2. Your credit card will be charged immediately after the expiry of total number of free clicks (FC) allowed. If for any reason, your card is not active or declined, we will notify you and once the payment is realiazed, your services will be immediately activated.
  3. Your unused clicks will not expire and will continue till it is fully exhausted. However, if you cancel our services for any reason whatsoever, the balance amount shall not be refunded.
  4. There is no cancellation fees
  5. No set-up fees for “small” and “medium” enterprises
  6. At sign-up, you will get 2 hours for 100% free customer support (via email and phone). For more customer service support, please contact us or write an email to This is a by and large self-service product and we do not anticipate the need of more than 2 hours of customer service support. However, our customer service team is always ready to help and support.
  7. If you are paying for the servcies with your local currency, the exchange rate applicable on the date of payment will be used to convert into US dollars (USD.)
  8. The above rate card is subject to change.
Abbreviations used
  1. FC: Free clicks
  2. AFPU:: Annual Fees Paid Upfront : You have to pay 12 months monthly fees at sign up. If you’ve subscribed for multiple years, the AFPU for the 2nd and subsequent years shall become payable at the beginning of each year.
  3. NOC: : Number of clicks: Sum total of all clicks by your customers for all products subscribed by you