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Harness the power of Mirrorsize to get precise body measurement of your customers. Simply integrate our API to scale your bespoke business to boost revenue and improve your customer loyalty index. Zero investment required to implement our AI solution.
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How can a bespoke business use this product and what are the benefits?

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Zero Investment

No investment required to implement our solution. All your customer need is a smartphone, tablet with 2 megapixel front camera.

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Scale your bespoke to reach global audiences and enrich your customers shopping experience and to improve their ROI.

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Experience the power of Mirrorsize to get your precise body measurement
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Are you a bespoke merchant?

If you’re selling custom-made, made-to-measure apparels from your store / online / app, integrate with our MS GetMeasured to get precise body measurement of your customers seamlessly with any device agnostic smartphone and tablet. It’s easy to integrate and fun to use by your customers.


  • Improve online conversion
  • Reduce returns and rejections
  • Global reach
  • Enable customer shop with confidence
  • Boost revenue manifold
  • Improve margins
  • Reduce customer churn

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  • Improve conversion
  • Reduce returns and rejections
  • Global reach
  • Enable customer shop with confidence / enrich customer shopping experience
  • Boost revenue manifold
  • Improve margins
  • Reduce customer churn

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  • Save travel time & cost of customers and yours
  • Serve customers sitting remote
  • Reduce manual measurement errors
  • Save onsite manpower cost to get measurements
  • Enrich customers shopping experience
  • Better optimize infrastructure

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  • Reduce productivity loss
  • Save expensive capital
  • Enhance user satisfaction index
  • Save travel time and money
  • Optimize cost to fulfill orders

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Please see below answers to few frequently asked question. If your question is not listed below, please feel free to write to us at
Can you really get accurate body measurement by using smartphone /tablet/laptop?

Yes we can. We’ve spent over 2 years developing this technology in collaboration with eminent professors from reputed college to build the solution. To get precise human body measurement, we’ve used cutting edge technology in computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

Is it safe?

Yes, it only ‘scans’ using information from the user’s camera. We recommend that user should use a devise that has adequate safety features. It’s also very secure in terms of security and data. Please refer to our privacy policy.

Is your product device agnostic?

Yes, anybody having a smartphone and tablet in either iOS or Android can use our product to get precise body measurement.

Does it require any special hardware?

No. All you need is your smartphone / tablet. We use cutting edge computer vision technology to use the standard camera features of smartphone and tablet. For accurate measurement we require specific poses, wearing body fitting clothes that are in contrast with the background.

How can we integrate this on our mobile app?

Yes, the integration is seamless and we will give API’s for your developer to integrate.

Do you offer free trail for testing?

Yes, we do. You can subscribe for free trail directly from our website ( We typically approve all free trail requests within 24 hours.

Is this expensive?

Yes, once you sign up, you will get a customizable webpage to monitor, track and view your traffic details. You can also get tailor-made reports and can customize various functions to better suit your needs.

Do we get a dashboard to see number of clicks?

We give license to use our product to boost your revenue, scale your operations to reach global audience and improve your margins. We offer SaaS based pricing model, with discounts for multi-year contracts.

Do you offer customer service?

Yes, we do. However, our product is self-service and very easy to operate and manage.

How many measurements points that our customers can get?

We can get over 100 body measurements points and display the results real time on the devise. For our standard version, we display only 20 body measurement points and all additional points we can deliver upon request.

What about Data and Privacy?

Everything is highly secured. All data is sent via secure SSL connection and image is saved to disk. Instead being processed on-the-fly and are immediately deleted. Data (in terms of measurements) is only ever read by machine. In terms of Data protection – user’s personal data (measurements) belongs to you. We safeguard that data on your behalf, and port it to whichever application that you may explicitly choose to share the data.

What are the general terms of use?

We’re offering a special experience for people who back us today. You’ll have access to special version of our software, and will be treated to ongoing first-access to new features. It is our intention to provide gratis, unlimited scanning access to our backers (fair use applies) for a few months, and likely for much longer thereafter.

From where can we download your mobile app?

You are free to download our core app from Google Playstore (Android) and Apple store ((iOS)

What platform will I be able to run it on?

PC or Mac with a Web GL compatible browser (Flash or HTML5) with a 2+ Megapixel camera
IOS – iPhone 4s and above, iPad 2 and above
Android (Samsung, and few other phone). Please visit our website for regular updates

Can kids below 13 be measured as well?

Our solution is available for everybody and we ask your user’s to check and confirm with the applicable laws for minors in your respective country. Further we urge for Parental Guidance if minors use our tool. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Who all get to see our user’s images?

While using our service, a user will only see his/her image on his/her mobile devise and once he/she terminate the session, the images will be permanently deleted.

Do the users need to include his/her phone number during the registration process?

It depends upon brands signup requirements.

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