Yes we can. We've spent over 2 years developing this technology from scratch. We collaborated with eminent professors from reputed college technologist to build the solution. Our accuracy for measurement uses cutting edge technology in computer vision and machine learning algorithms to make it a commercial success.

Yes, it only 'scans' using information from your camera. It's as safe as any picture. We recommend that you should use the devise that has adequate safety features. It's also very secure in terms of security and data. Please refer to our privacy policy.

While using our service, you see your image on your devise and once you terminate your session, your image and/or videos will be permanently deleted.

Yes it will. There will be a discrepancy in the particular area where any article/object other than the body fitting garment, couples (tightly fits) with your body– thereby giving inaccuracy in terms of measurement.

This is a verification tool to verify the body measurements obtained by brands, retailers and other apparel enterprises by using other measurement tools, with the body measurement data obtained by using Mirrorsize solution.

It's a free tool for user to monitor their body measurement overtime and to receive free interactive reports and analytics. An amazing way to get your body measurement with your smartphone/tablet/laptop AND to monitor your body measurement stats real time.

Apparel sizes are not brand agnostic and there is really nothing called 'Fit to all'. What is Size 40 in Brand-A may be Size 38 in Brand-B. So to get perfect fit, it's imperative for customers to know their accurate body measurement and measurement details of size by brands. We have the solution for you and it's FREE! With Size2Fit, you will get your accurate body measurement and based on that, we recommend the best fitting size for any apparel for each brand.

We encourage you to register to avail all our services and also to view your historical measurement data and receive interactive reports. For registration, we only need your email and phone number to create your profile and you have the ability to update your profile to keep it current. All information stored shall never be sent to any marketing company or to any unassociated third party without your approval. Please visit our privacy policy and terms and conditions for details

It's optional, however we recommend users to keep your profile data current to avail our full range of services. It also helps us with data management and just in case, you need any immediate help, we can use your mobile number to verify your identity before helping you.