Visit Mirrorsize booth at the 10th 3DBODY.TECH conference at Lugano, Switzerland and listen to Arup Chakraborty, CEO speaking on the patent pending Body Measurement System.

Mirrorsize will showcase their device agnostic instant body measurement system, built on by harnessing the power of computer vision, deep learning and 3D. Arup will also present a technical paper and will discuss various research & development efforts that Mirrorsize has undertaken for the past 2 years to bring out a disruptive product to remove major supply chain inefficiency faced by brands.

Arup Chakraborty, Founder & CEO of Mirrorsize will be speaking at Mint Digital Innovation Summit 2019 on March 15 in Bengaluru.

Mirrorsize US Inc., is at the cusp of disrupting the fashion and apparel industry by bringing an innovative AI product to get precise human body measurement & Draping on any device agnostic smartphone and tablet. By harnessing the power of Computer vision, 3D, Computer Graphics, Deep learning, Mesh Processing, Physics & Simulation, Mirrorsize state of the art AI product can help brands, e-commerce and retailers to scale to reach global audience, reduce returns / rejections, improve online conversion and to enrich customers online shopping experience. Arup will be speaking on Mirrorsize product differentiators and the value that it intends to bring to the merchants and users globally. If you’re in Bengaluru on March 15th, please visit Mint Digital Innovation Summit 2019 to hear Arup and Mirrorsize’s innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence.